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Key fobs can be different in every Kia, depending on if you have a Smart Key for keyless entry and keyless start or a standard Kia key fob which has a small, circular silver button in the upper left corner to release the mechanical key blade from the side of the fob. 

Changing your keyfob may be difficult if you don't know how. Luckily, Kia of Everett is here to break down how to change your keyfob for your quality Kia vehicle. 

Standard Key Fob 

  • Turn the key fob so the front side is facing down
  • Wedge the tip of a small flathead screwdriver into the slot on the side of the fob 
  • Gently take the casing off of the key fob
  • Remove old battery
  • Put in new battery
  • Replace the casing on the key fob, squeeze to shut

Smart Kia Key Fob

  • Press the small silver button at the bottom of the fob to release the emergency key
  • With the emergency key out, you can use it to open the key fob
  • Look for slot at the bottom of the key fob that matches the size of the mechanical key
  • Insert the key into the slot, then gently twist it in either direction. This should open the key fob casing
  • Carefully finish pulling the fob fully apart
  • Remove the old battery
  • Set the new battery in place, with the writing on the battery facing down
  • Gently snap the key fob back together

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